Wildflower Temporary Tattoo Set


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Featuring thoughtfully hand drawn wildflowers, our best selling temporary tattoo reminds us to bloom wherever life may plant us.

This temporary tattoo makes a thoughtful small gift or a pain-free way to try out a tattoo!

DETAILS: Set of two temporary tattoos

Dimensions: 3" x 1.5"

Safe, non-toxic, and FDA compliant

HOW TO APPLY: Place the tattoo face down on skin. Apply even pressure to the tattoo paper backing using a wet cloth. Wait a minimum of 60 seconds and then remove the cloth and gently slide off the paper. [Full Application directions are included in your package]

Our temporary tattoos last about 1-5 days, depending on the size, placement, and care of the tattoo. Temporary tattoos last much longer when applied in an area that isn’t rubbed often. For the best application of your tattoo, be sure your skin is dry, and free of oil, lotion and makeup, since temporary tattoos apply best to clean, dry skin.