Incense Sticks


Honeysuckle: Floral essence of Honeysuckle blossom, with notes of lilac & rose create a rich, luscious floral aroma.

Lavender + Sage:  A fresh take on a classic. We've blended White Sage with French Lavender to help transform your space into a fresh & relaxing atmosphere.

Madagascar Vanilla: Indulgent and luxurious with its thick smoke. Sensual, elegant, and moody, this understated incense will transform your space.

Spanish Moss: Woodsy green scent of damp earth & a hint of southern mystery.

Tobacco + Leather: Dark & smoky. A bestseller, this incense invokes thoughts of leather chairs and pipe tobacco.

Vetiver: Fill your space with warmth and calm, like the dry, earthy scent an uncut lawn on a warm summer day.