Option: 7.5 LEMON QUARTZ

size 7.5

Lemon Quartz reduces stress, negative thoughts and anxiety. It is a good luck stone that brings abundance and prosperity. It is a stone that is said to bring in money during times of emergency or need. (Wear it when on a job interview or at exams since it assists with quick thinking and decisions!)

Lemon Quartz is a crystal of well being and optimism. It assists with emotional balance, helps us focus our minds, amplify our thoughts and see clearly.


Every piece I make is completely unique and one of a kind, handcrafted and electroformed by me, in my tiny studio, right outside of Houston, TX. Your piece will arrive ready to give as a gift to yourself or someone you love! I hope by pouring my love and energy into every piece I create, you immediately feel armed with beauty and positivity just by simply putting it on.


CARING FOR YOUR JEWELRY: To maintain the finish as long as possible, please avoid prolonged exposure to water, lotions, as well as harsh chemicals. The copper will naturally oxidize and change over time. This is natural and every oxidation is unique to the person who wears it and the environment in which they live.

Will copper turn my finger green? Maybe! Copper reacts to everyone's skin differently. If you find that it turns your finger green, it is a sign you have a more acidic pH. (or also might be that you live in a hot/humid environment) It is neither toxic nor an allergic reaction. It's completely harmless. Simply wash your finger with soap and water. If it bothers you, you can seal the inside of your ring with a lacquer or even clear nail polish!